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Publish Date : 14 May 2023 - 22:35

Ministry Summons Iraqi Ambassador

TEHRAN – The Iranian foreign ministry has summoned Iraq’s ambassador in Tehran in protest at anti-Iran activities underway in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.
The protest was over an invitation to members of separatist groups to take part in an official meeting in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and continued activities of terrorist groups in the region.
At the meeting, the Iraqi ambassador was informed of Iran’s strong protest at the recent developments.
The director of the first department of the Persian Gulf at the Iranian foreign ministry reminded the Iraqi ambassador that the anti-Iran meeting in the KRG and the activities of terrorists in that region run counter to a recent security agreement between Tehran and Baghdad.
Iran and Iraq signed the bilateral agreement on security cooperation in March.
The agreement commits Iran and Iraq to safeguarding the principles of good neighborliness and protecting the common border. The deal is also aimed at ending the illegal presence of anti-Iranian armed groups and the elements affiliated with the Zionist regime in the Iraqi areas adjacent to Iran’s northwestern border regions.