News ID: 115027
Publish Date : 13 May 2023 - 23:16

Daesh Element, Police Killers, Media Mole Arrested

TEHRAN -- Iranian security forces have arrested a member of the Daesh terrorist group in the country’s southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan.
Doostali Jalilian, the provincial police chief, said Saturday that the forces found out after “technical and intelligence measures” that a Daesh member was secretly living in a village in Zabol.
“After the close monitoring of the person’s actions, his hiding place was finally identified and the Daesh member was arrested in a synergic and coordinated operation by the police and Intelligence Department,” Jalilian said.
According to the police chief of Sistan and Baluchestan, primary investigations revealed that the person in question, a citizenship of a neighboring country, was promoting the terror outfit in the area with a “purposeful plan.”
Several people suspected of involvement in the assassination of a senior police commander in southern Iran have been arrested, police chief of Hormozgan province Brigadier Gholamreza Jafari said on Saturday.
On Thursday, Major Muhammadreza Assadollahi was martyred by drug traffickers during an operation in Bandar-e Lengeh, a major port on the Persian Gulf coast. He was chief station office at the nearby port of Charak.
Jafari said the hideouts of the suspects were identified in a complicated operation, adding that security forces had also seized two vehicles from the smugglers.
Intelligence forces have also arrested an element affiliated with anti-Revolution media outlets in Golestan province in northern Iran, IRNA reported on Saturday.
A statement from the Iranian Intelligence Ministry said the element was arrested because of his role in sowing ethnical and religious sedition in Golestan which is home to a sizable community of Sunni people of Turkmen origin.

Earlier an element working for the “Iran International” broadcaster had been arrested by security forces in Galikesh in the same province.
The intelligence office of Golestan said that the element was responsible for collecting, producing and sending fake news from the province to Iran International.
It said the suspect had also played a major role in recent riots in the region by publishing frequent posts and stories on the social media.