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Publish Date : 03 May 2023 - 23:14

East Azarbaijan Exporting Pharmaceutical, Sanitary Products to 40 Countries

TEHRAN – The deputy chancellor of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences for Food and Drug Affairs Moslem Najafi on Wednesday said that types of pharmaceutical, healthcare and food products are currently exported from East Azarbaijan Province to 40 countries.
Najafi termed Tabriz and East Azarbaijan as the main hub of producing medicines and medcial equipment in the country.
He went on to say that more than 5,000 healthcare certificates were issued by the Food and Drug Deputy Office of Tabriz University of Medcial Sciences last year (March 21, 2022 to March 20, 2023) in order to export pharmaceutical and healthcare products overseas.
These products, in addition to being exported to Asian, African countries and also Persian Gulf littoral states, have been exported to such countries as Canada, France, Germany and Japan as well, he said.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Najafi put the number of units producing foodstuff, beverages, cosmetics and health products in this province at 1,100.
He termed winning the European and North American standards by producers of medicines, foodstuff and sanitary products in this province as a sign of high capability and power of competition of these products with similar foreign ones and called on responsible officials to throw their weight behind these companies in order to export their products with no problem.
Giant steps have been taken by the Ministry of Health and universities of medical sciences throughout the country in line with easing problems facing people in provision of medicines, he concluded