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Publish Date : 28 April 2023 - 22:40

President Opens Major Energy Projects in Khuzestan

TEHRAN -- The Iranian government has opened a series of major electricity projects in the energy-rich province of Khuzestan in its southwest amid plans to boost business activity in the region.
President Ebrahim Raisi on Thursday opened a 307 megawatt (MW) power plant in Do Kuheh area near the city of Andimeshk in Khuzestan, Press TV reported.
The gas-fired electricity station is a first phase of a combined cycle power plant in Do Kuheh which includes an unfinished steam unit with a generation capacity of 144 MW.
The government has spent some 142 million euros on the construction of the gas unit of the Do Kuheh power plant, according to a report by Raisi’s website, which added that the power plant will create 100 permanent jobs in the region.
The report said the F-class power plant will have an efficiency rate of 58%, one of the highest in Iran.
Using a video conference link, Raisi also inaugurated dozens of other water and electricity projects across Khuzestan, a province of more than five million people which is home to some of Iran’s largest oilfields.
Among the projects was a 196 MW steam unit in the West Karun power plant, a project which will boost electricity supply to oilfields near Iran’s border with Iraq. The power plant unit, which had been opened in July last year, was synchronized with the national power grid in Iran on Thursday.
The official IRNA news agency said a total of 33 new energy projects with an investment of 87 trillion rials ($174 million) were opened during Raisi’s visit to Khuzestan.

President Raisi stressed that Iran is making progress despite foreign threats and pressures.
He said the Iranian people themselves will resolve existing problems and nullify sanctions against the country.
He touched on the Khuzstan province’s significant sacrifices and resistance in the years of the Sacred Defense and called on officials to fulfill their responsibility toward the regional people.
The government, he said, is working in collaboration with the people to advance the country’s progress in economic, social, and cultural fields.
Khuzestan, he said, is the front line of defending the Islamic Republic of Iran, stressing the need to address fundamental infrastructure issues, such as improving wastewater and sewage facilities and solving the problem of youth unemployment in the province.
Raisi’s Khuzestan visit was part of his provincial tours since he assumed office in August 2021. The tour aims to address issues and resolve problems in different provinces. 
The president assured that Iran has a bright future ahead and that foreign attempts to create hopelessness and pessimism will not succeed.