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Publish Date : 25 April 2023 - 22:39

The Continued Blessings of the Tabas Miracle

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Yesterday, April 25 was a “Thanksgiving Day” for the Iranian nation, whose endeavours for the sake of God and in service of humanity were rewarded. 
It was the 43rd anniversary of a miracle that turned into nightmare the US dream of re-imposing its hegemony on Iran through a stealth military invasion in the dead of night when the Iranian people were fast asleep – but with full trust in Divine Grace.
Ever since, despite the most intricate plots by the Americans whose copters and sophisticated fixed-winged aircraft collided with each other in remote Tabas, the Islamic Republic has gone from strength to strength while the US is fast becoming a mere shadow of its former self. 
In April 1980, a year after its liberation from the US yoke, Iran had no means of defence of its own and whatever it possessed was military hardware bought from the West (mostly American and incapable of matching the supplier’s sophisticated arsenal).
Today, despite the most severe sanctions, the Islamic Republic is manufacturing state-of-the-art defence equipment that recently thwarted the attempt of a nuclear-powered US submarine to pass undetected through the Hormuz Strait and forced it to surface.
Iran’s electronic warfare experts followed this up by jamming from a distance of hundreds of kilometers the controls of three ‘enemy’ planes on a reconnaissance mission attempting to violate the country’s airspace.
These and other achievements, such as the July 2019 downing of the most advanced radar evading US drone, are indeed Divine Grace and the continued blessings of the Tabas Miracle.
The particles of sand which on God’s Command rose as high as 10,000 feet in the air in the form of a dense white cloud, swirling, whirling, and twirling around the US invasion force to reduce machines to wreckage and their crew to charred bodies, ought to be unforgettable lessons for the Yankees, who as is evident, are blind to realities and continue to suffer debacle after debacle.
For Iran and the Iranian people, however, the miserable failure of the well-prepared Operation Eagle Claw and an angry US’ ordering of Saddam of the repressive Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad to invade the Islamic Republic five months later on September 22 (1980), were eye-openers for fully utilizing their prudence and patriotism on the basis of piety and patience to explore and master new vistas of science and technology.
The Iranian people thus express their gratitude in the Divine Court for having inspired them to new heights and become role models for the governments and freedom movements of the region and beyond to assert their independence and strive for the welfare of their respective nations as well as the collective dignity of Islam and Muslims, as is evident by the developments of the past forty-four years. 
Examples galore, such as infusing of the spirit of Intefadha in the Palestinian people, the rise of the legendry anti-terrorist movement – Hezbollah – in Lebanon, the victory of the people of Syria over the most macabrely murderous terrorists, the establishment of independent Iraq, the emergence of the popular Ansarullah Movement in Yemen, the awakening of the long oppressed people of Bahrain, and last but not the least, the resurgence of the Nigerian people led by Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.
Many more freedom movements are in the embryonic stage and will definitely emerge and triumph in the near future, thanks to Divine Assistance in the permanent declawing of the American eagle at Tabas and consequently the impending doom awaiting all other vultures preying on oppressed people.
God Almighty is indeed the Best of planners.