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Publish Date : 17 April 2023 - 22:27
Deputy Roads Minister:

Iran to Enhance Constructive Ties with UN Habitat

TEHRAN – The secretary of the national committee of the UN Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) Arman Khoursand has said Iran’s interaction with the UN-Habitat will be ‘fruitful and constructive’.
Khoursand, in a message to the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2023, emphasized the constructive relationship of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the UN-Habitat.
Stressing that the amicable ties between Iran and the UN-Habitat have witnessed significant progress, he stated that Iran is in a region facing natural hazards such as earthquakes, climatic changes, droughts and the problem of refugees.
“We welcome sharing the fruitful experiences in this field and getting the innovative approaches by the UN-Habitat and other international bodies to deal with these problems,” Khoursand added.
Despite the shortage of infrastructures and vulnerability to natural hazards, two-thirds of the country’s population lives in urban areas, he said, adding that the government of Iran is working on a giant project for easing problems facing the vulnerable strata of society.
Accordingly, Iran eagerly intends to expand interaction with the UN-Habitat optimally, the secretary highlighted.
Given the adaptation of the current year’s slogan of the UN-Habitat regarding the provision of housing for vulnerable strata of society and the objective of the National Housing Movement Plan in Iran, the country will establish fruitful and constructive interaction with the UN-Habitat, he added.