News ID: 113856
Publish Date : 09 April 2023 - 22:36

3,000-Year-Old Remains of Children Discovered in Qazvin

TEHRAN -- Iranian archaeologists have discovered the remains of children dating back to 3,000 years ago.
A group of archaeological researchers from University of Tehran discovered the remains of some children along with babies and fetuses in excavations at Qareh Tepe of Segzabad in Qazvin Province.
The excavations, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Mustafa Deh Pahlavan, also found the remains of two horses, two goats, and a sheep.
The discovery was made in a five-square-meter area.
Pahlavan told the media that among the discovered collection, there was a burial of a child along with the faunal remains.
He said the funerary objects found in the burial included the clay dishes that indicate the child’s special social rank.
The remains of the children were transported to the Segzabad City Municipality, where they will be preserved and displayed as museum pieces in accordance with conservation and restoration standards.