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Publish Date : 04 April 2023 - 22:40

Salaam dear young friends. New Year greetings to you all; hope you have enjoyed your annual spring holidays.
We are meeting after a two-week gap, which means this is our first chat of the year 1402 solar hijri – aptly designated by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, “Year of Inflation Control and Growth in Production” as a sequel to the “Year of Production: Knowledge-Based and Job-Creating” which was the designation of 1401.
It is indeed an incentive for the Iranian nation, the youth in particular, who are all geared up to break new ground in various fields by diversifying and increasing domestic production in order to generate more employment so as to make the national economy further strong in the face of those satanic sanctions the Great Satan (the US) imposes.
As you all know, this year the blessed month of Ramadhan in the Nowruz holidays.
Ramadhan is the month of the Divine Banquet of fasting spread out for the guests of God with all its spiritual and even material delights.
We know, you youngsters have been eagerly preparing for the obligatory fasts of Ramadhan by sincerely observing the devotions of the preceding months of Rajab and Sha’ban.
Indeed, it is the exuberance of youth that manifests itself in acts of worship and devotion, infusing freshness into the family atmosphere laying the foundation for the building of a sound, healthy and virtuous society that is free of the depravities in which Godless communities are miserably trapped.
There are hidden wonders in obeying God and performing on time whatever He has made obligatory. Ramadhan is the month that provides us the opportunity to build discipline in ourselves and to perform the ritual prayers on time, and of course, in congregation.
Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) has said: As long as a believer performs the five-times-a-day obligatory prayers, the Satan will fear him, but if the prayers are neglected, the Satan will increase its temptations and goad that person into committing cardinal sins.
The Prophet has also said the gates of heavens are flung open on the first night of Ramadhan and are not closed till the end of this blessed month.
Unfortunately, in our modern era when mankind had made astounding progress, the fasting Muslims are being bombarded and slaughtered; not by pagans, but by those who claim to be Muslims, and shamelessly call themselves Jihadis, while their hearts are empty of any iota of belief in God, the Prophet, the holy Qur’an, the month of Ramadhan, and humanitarian values.
Goodbye and God bless you all until our next meeting on next Wednesday.

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