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Publish Date : 03 April 2023 - 22:19

Report: Two Britons Detained by Taliban Expected Home Within Days

LONDON (Arab News) – Two British men detained in Afghanistan by the Taliban are expected to return home within days following negotiations between the governments of both countries, The Times reported on Monday.
Charity worker Kevin Cornwell, 53, and an unnamed 52-year-old hotel manager were arrested following a January raid in Kabul after a firearm was discovered in the former’s hotel room.
The families of the two men made contact with them for the first time in almost three months last week as hopes grew over their return.
Cornwell and the hotel manager have been denied legal and consular aid following their arrests, which came after the raid on the Dayra Village hotel in January.
Led by Afghanistan’s General Directorate of Intelligence, the raid is believed to be the result of a tipoff, with officers discovering a securely stored handgun in Cornwell’s room.
He had been working in Afghanistan for almost a year with Iqarus, a UN-affiliated health company supporting humanitarian missions.
Scott Richards of the Presidium Network, a charity supporting the families of the two men, said Cornwell possessed a legitimate license to carry the weapon from Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry.
The Presidium Network is trying to obtain a copy of the license, which may have been lost as intelligence officials frantically searched the room, Richards added.
He said of the recent communication between the men and their families: “The men are in good health, good condition and spirits as reasonably strong as they can be given all considerations.
“It was clearly an important and emotional call and represents tremendous progress in the situation.
“The relief Kevin’s family expressed after hearing his voice for the first time in three months, not knowing if he was well, brought a sense of peace and gave them hope that this situation will be resolved soon.”