News ID: 113528
Publish Date : 18 March 2023 - 21:57

Iran Launches Two Homemade Landing Craft Vessels in Bandar Abbas

BANDAR ABBAS – Deputy Head of Hormuzgan Ports and Navigation Organization for Navigation Affairs Esmaeil Makkizadeh said on Saturday that two domestically-built landing crafts weighing 800 tons each were launched in one of the shipbuilding companies in Bandar Abbas.
“These vessels are identical, with a length of 53 meters, a width of 14.50 meters and have a 2.25 meter water intake,” Makkizadeh said.
He pointed out that each of these vessels has two main engines of 830 Horsepower (hp) and a speed of 10 knots, with the investment of the private sector, after the issuance of technical, safety and maritime certificates, they will be allowed to travel and operate under the Iranian flag.