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Publish Date : 15 March 2023 - 22:01

Palestinian Needs to be Cleared of the Zionist Cobweb

By: Kahyan Int’l Staff Writer
“Indeed the frailest of homes is the home of a spider…” (Holy Qur’an 29:41)
This Qur’anic parable on the ignominious end of the violators of the Almighty Creator’s commandments and either priding on their ephemeral power or the protection of their devilish guardians, has held true over the past millennium-and-a-half.
History is witness to the myriad of spurious states which held sway for a while in usurped lands and brutally oppressed the local people, before meeting a terrible fate as is if they were nothing more than a mere cobweb.
We are now seeing the fast approaching erasing of an illegal entity called Israel from the map of West Asia and the world.
The non-Semitic Jews of Eastern Europe who had banded together as Zionists and were planted in the heart of Palestine by a mischievous Britain have begun to flee in millions from the usurped land.
For over seventy years the terrorist brat Israel, armed with state-of-the-art military hardware and under protection of the Great Satan (US), has committed every imaginable crime against the Palestinians and the people of the region, even desecrating the holy sites of the Muslims and the Christians.
It had imposed wars in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973, on the Arab states of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, and defeated their national armies, thanks to the massive flow of armaments from the US, before the myth of its military might was shattered by the legendry anti-terrorist organization of Lebanon, the Hezbollah, in 2006.
In the subsequent years, the rise of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and their resolve to confront its crimes, made Israel taste a sample of its own bitter medicine.
The panicky regime then resorted to the cowardly tactics of military mobilizing of the Zionist thugs from all over the world to whom it had given asylum with the license to harass, persecute and kill the native Palestinian people.
Now we have the news of the possible implosion of spurious Israel as these same illegal migrants whom the West calls Israeli citizens, are rising against their own criminal regimes in hundreds of thousands for so-called judicial and economic reforms, with increased acts of vandalism on the streets.
Reforms have no positive meaning in a usurped land and that too by the illegal authorities, and on the demand of the illegal settlers who have no connection to the land in which they live.
More economic pressures and more of these thugs which thrive on the persecution of the local people and an easy life in a spurious state will flee from Occupied Palestine.
The violent street rallies, now in their tenth week, offer a golden opportunity for the oppressed Palestinian people and the Resistance Front to prepare for a well-planned campaign to both weaken the Zionist entity from within and for possible military measures from outside in order to speed up the campaign for liberation of Bayt al-Moqaddas.
Cobwebs are wiped out with ease and so should Israel – the frail home of the poisonous Zionist spider – with complete trust in Divine assistance.