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Publish Date : 15 March 2023 - 21:55

Putin: U.S. Behind ‘Terrorist Attack’ on Nord Stream Pipelines

MOSCOW (Xinhua) - Russian President Vladimir Putin hasd said the theory that Ukrainian activists were involved in the Nord Stream pipelines blast last year is “complete nonsense,” alleging the United States is behind what he called a “terrorist attack.”
“We must always look for those who are interested. Theoretically, the United States is certainly interested in stopping the delivery of Russian energy to the European market and supplying its own, including LNG, even if it is 25-30 percent more expensive than Russia’s,” Putin said in an interview with a Russian TV program.
“It is challenging for us to conduct our own investigation if we are not allowed to the site of this terrorist attack. The fact that this is a terrorist attack is no longer a secret to anyone. In my opinion, everyone has already recognized this. Moreover, the terrorist attack was clearly committed at the state level because no amateurs can carry out such actions,” Putin said.
“An explosion of this kind, of such power, at such a depth can only be carried out by specialists and supported by all the might of a country with certain technologies,” he explained.
Russia requested the Danish authorities check the Nord Stream pipelines as explosive devices could still be planted there, but “the answer was vague ... They said that we have to wait,” Putin said.
Putin believes the Nord Stream still has a future if European partners care about national interests.
“In world practice, there is no example of repairing such a system after such an incident, but theoretically, everything is possible,” adding, “It would take time, money, and some new technologies.”
In an article published last month, Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh revealed that the United States partnered with Norway in a top-secret operation in June 2022 to plant remotely triggered explosives that took out three of the four Nord Stream pipelines three months later.
The Russian leader insisted on Tuesday the U.S. had a motive to carry out the attack in the Baltic Sea last year, saying it wanted to halt supplies of cheap Russian natural gas to Europe and provide the continent with more expensive liquefied natural gas.