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Publish Date : 13 March 2023 - 22:40

Iraqi Leaders Welcome Iran-Saudi Rapprochement

BAGHDAD (Dispatches) -- Iran’s ambassador to Iraq Muhammad Kazem al-Sadegh has held talks with top Iraqi officials including President Abduol Latif Rashid and Prime Minister Muhammed Shia’ al-Sudani in Baghdad.
Al-Sadegh and al-Sudani reviewed various aspects of mutual relations and their expansion.
During the meeting, al-Sudani reiterated Iraq’s balanced stance and its emphasis on talks for establishment of stability in the region, and Baghdad’s support for sustained development of all friendly nations.
The Iranian ambassador also thanked Iraq for its efforts to bring the viewpoints of Tehran and Riyadh closer together and efforts that led to the recent agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
In his talks with the Iraqi president, Al-Sadegh discussed the latest bilateral and regional developments and described the meetings between officials of the two countries as a show of deep and wide-ranging relations between Iran and Iraq.
The Iraqi president said he is pleased with the restoration of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia, hoping it will bring security, welfare and stability to the region.
The Iranian ambassador, in turn, thanked Iraq for its important and constructive role in the process and for hosting the talks with Riyadh.