News ID: 113262
Publish Date : 11 March 2023 - 21:48

Ex-Mossad Chief: Israel Faces ‘Disastrous Danger’

TEL AVIV (Dispatches) – Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo has warned that the occupying regime of Israel is facing “disastrous” and “unprecedented” danger.
“Israel reached a very dangerous situation regarding the internal segregation that happened due to the right-wing plan to weaken the judicial system and turn Israel into a dictatorship,” Pardo warned.
“I am 70 years old. I had never imagined that we would reach this point. This is the most existential danger since the independence,” he added.
The former intelligence official said that the occupying regime of Israel “does not need a nuclear bomb to be destroyed”, adding the entity “has decided to experience a self-destruction method”.
According to Pardo, “everyone is following up closely on what is happening with Washington, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, while this threat is not there”.
“What is happening sends a message of weakness to the world,” he said.
Several Israeli leaders have warned of the Zionist regime sleep-walking into collapse.
The occupying regime’s president Isaac Herzog has warned that mounting political polarization had left the occupying entity “on the brink of constitutional and social collapse”.
In a primetime address last month, Herzog warned, “I feel — we all feel — that we are barely a moment before a clash, even a violent clash.”
“We are no longer in a political debate but on the brink of constitutional and social collapse.”
Since taking office late last year, Netanyahu’s government, which unites his Likud party with an array of ultrareligious and ultranationalist groups and is widely regarded as the most rightwing in Israeli history, has made overhauling the judiciary one of its main priorities.
In recent week, hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets across the occupied cities to protest the illegal’s entity’s extremist path.