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Publish Date : 11 March 2023 - 21:43

Palestine Warns of ‘Serious Repercussions’ of Continuous Zionist Crimes

WEST BANK (Dispatches) – Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has warned of the “serious repercussions” of the continuous crimes by the Zionist regime against Palestinians.
In a statement, Shtayyeh called on the U.S. administration to exert pressure on the occupying regime to stop its crimes against the Palestinian people, holding the regime fully responsible for its crimes.
“The systematic killing continues to target Palestinian children, leaving behind bereaved mothers and fathers languishing in pain over the loss of their children,” he expressed.
He added, “In a bloody exchange of roles between the settler militias and the occupation soldiers, Abdul Karim Al-Sheikh, 21, was killed Friday morning by settler bullets in the village of Siniriya, and Amir Mamoun, 16, from Qalqilya was killed by Israeli army bullets.”
Shtayyeh expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the Palestinians killed by the occupation forces and settlers.
Mamoun was shot in the chest and killed by the Israeli army during confrontations in Qalqilya in the north of the West Bank, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.
He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead a few hours later.
The development came hours after Zionist troops killed three Palestinians in a raid in Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank, less than 48 hours after six others were killed in another raid on the city.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health said the three men shot dead on Thursday morning were identified as Ahmad Fashafsheh, 22, Sufian Fakhouri, 26, and Nayef Malaysheh, 25.
Over the past months, the occupying regime has ramped up attacks on Palestinian towns and cities throughout the occupied territories. As a result of these attacks, dozens of Palestinians have lost their lives and many others have been arrested.
Most of the raids have focused on Nablus and Jenin, where Israeli forces have been trying to stifle a growing Palestinian resistance in the occupied cities.
Local and international rights groups have condemned Israel’s excessive use of force and “shoot-to-kill policy” against Palestinians.