News ID: 113204
Publish Date : 10 March 2023 - 21:34

Tehran Ceremony Commemorates Nizami Ganjavi

TEHRAN -- Chairman of Iran’s Association of Cultural Works and Elites has described ‎Nizami Ganjavi, the 12th century Persian poet, as an element of unity in cultural ties ‎between Iran, neighbors and Farsi-speaking countries.‎
“Nizami matters for the Iranians and people in the world as a common need and an element of cultural unity,” Mahmoud Shalouei told a ceremony held in Tehran to commemorate the poet.
Persian language professors and scholars, cultural officials and ambassadors of foreign countries were present in the ceremony. A message by Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Muhammad Mehdi Esmaili was read to the audience.
Nizami’s precious works include ‘Khamseh’ or ‘Panj Ganj’ which consists of five long poems, including ‘Makhzan-ol-Asrar’ (The Treasury of Mysteries), ‘Khosrow and Shirin’, ‘Leyli and Majnun, Eskandar-Nameh’ (The Book of Alexander) and ‘Haft Peykar’ (The Seven Beauties).