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Publish Date : 04 March 2023 - 21:48

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) who is in Tehran exactly a year after his previous visit during which he had promised to resolve all outstanding technical problems by June 2023 regarding Iran’s peaceful nuclear project but then backtracked and politicized the issue after an unjustified trip to the nuclear-armed illegal Zionist entity, on Saturday following talks with the Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), spoke to the press of “great expectation” of cooperation with the Islamic Republic.
The question is: Should we again take Rafael Grossi’s words as serious in view of his previous record of unfulfilled promises?
We are not sure. It is a matter for the senior political authorities of the country to determine, depending upon the practicability of the Vienna-based UN agency, which unfortunately is manipulated and swayed by the sworn enemies of the Islamic Republic, such as the dangerously nuclear-armed US.
It seems, this matter was also on the mind of the AEOI Chief, Mohammad Eslami, who in the joint press conference with Grossi, after saying “constructive talks” have been held that could “pave the way for good agreements”, called on the IAEA to “avoid being swayed by those who aim to hinder cooperation between the two sides.”
He further said: “We must be able to resolve issues in a trustful manner and prevent the entry and penetration of elements and agents whose purpose is to disrupt a normal and professional relationship.”
Eslami added: “We came to an arrangement (with Grossi) to define our cooperation within the framework of the safeguards,” and the IAEA should now prepare for a sort of interaction, by which “it can always maintain its duties toward Iran’s nuclear program within the framework of the Safeguards Agreement.”
So far so good, and let us hope, Grossi who holds Argentinian citizenship will act professionally, instead of allowing his Italian roots to bow to the pressures of the US and the big three recalcitrant European regimes (Britain, France, and Germany) which have always adopted a hostile posture towards Iran as is evident by the unfair resolutions the IAEA Board releases against the Islamic Republic.
It is hoped he has realized that Iran currently does not enrich uranium to more than 60 percent purity for its peaceful industrial needs and the allegations of the 84 percent enrichment is totally false.
At the same time, we cannot fully bank upon the IAEA Chief’s vague words “I think that the attack on nuclear facilities is totally condemned and illegal,” since the enemies of humanity have a criminal record of such dangerous nuclear terrorism in several countries, an issue towards which the UN is totally helpless.
It means, Iran, which is the only country to have declared manufacture of weapons of mass destruction “religiously forbidden” should always be on guard against the criminal intentions and activities of the US, Israel, and their agents.
Let us wait and see how Grossi behaves when back in Vienna, and how the IAEA cooperates with Iran’s peaceful nuclear project as a signatory of the NPT.

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