News ID: 112936
Publish Date : 28 February 2023 - 21:53

Envoy: Iran Pursuing Active Neutrality in Ukraine War

TEHRAN – Iran’s Ambassador to Spain Hassan Qashqavi has underscored that the Islamic Republic has taken up the policy of active neutrality in dealing with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
Qashqavi, who was invited by head of Centre for National Defense Studies (CESEDEN) Lieutenant General Francisco de Paula Bisbal Pons to participate in a meeting with commanders and officers of the center, said that Tehran calls for instant cessation of the confrontation via peaceful negotiations and diplomatic tools.
As to Iran’s foreign policy, the ambassador explained issues such as the Iranian nuclear program, Iran’s influence and presence in West Asia, the relationship with Saudi Arabia, developments in Syria and Yemen as well as the war in Ukraine.
Iran seeks active neutrality in the face of the Ukraine war and urges all sides to resolve differences through talks and diplomatic solutions, Qashqavi noted.
Arguing that the enrichment of uranium is much cheaper than fossil fuel power mplants, he said that the West neglected their commitments under the previous agreements in particular in constructing nuclear power plants and supplying Iran, and failed to provide Tehran with legal assurances for supplying fuel for power plants and research reactors, which are the main reasons behind the country’s decision to go after the enrichment program.
Along with Spanish commanders, 22 officers from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Chile, the United States, France, Egypt, Gabon, Guatemala, Italy, Jordan, Mali, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Britain, and Tunisia took part in the meeting.