News ID: 112894
Publish Date : 27 February 2023 - 21:58

Terrorism vs Heroism in Nablus

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
More violence and more bloodshed has gripped the environs of the city of Nablus in the West Bank region of River Jordan in the usurped land of Palestine as bands of illegal Zionist migrants, backed by the terroristic armed forces of Israel, continued their terrorizing of the sons of the soil, following green light to commit more crimes given by a meeting of Israelis, Americans, and Arab traitors in the Jordanian port city of Aqaba.
On Monday midnight scores of homes and cars were torched in the town of Hawara and a Palestinian man martyred by gunfire by these thugs of mostly American origin, as the UN turned a blind eye and the treasonous Arab regimes, while hypocritically calling for a halt to the conflagration wish for worsening of the plight of the Palestinian Arabs.
This is the pathetic situation of the usurped land of Palestine which for the past 75 years has not seen any peace and has no hopes of ever seeing peace as it reels under the jackboots of the Israelis, who have now been given the license by the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and other pro-Zionist Arab regimes to ground Palestinians into dust.
In such an atmosphere of hopelessness the only hope is in the indomitable spirit of the Palestinian youths to carry out more daring operations against the terrorist entity which barely a week ago brutally martyred at least a dozen Palestinians in Nablus.
Last Sunday, two illegal Zionist migrants were shot dead by a youth of the resistant forces, to the horror of Israel and its godfathers in Washington and London who are trying in vain to prolong its precarious existence as a terror base of the West against the Muslim world.
The operation took place south of Nabulus in the town of Hawara when a car of illegal Zionist migrants was targeted by a Palestinian freedom fighter. 
The popular Palestinian liberation movements of Hamas and Islamic Jihad have expressed their strong support for the heroic operation, describing it as a natural reaction to Israeli crimes against Palestinians—the most recent of which was the deadly raid in Nablus.
According to Islamic Jihad the operation was carried out in line with the promise of vengeance for the blood of Palestinian resistance fighters recently martyred by Zionist forces in Nablus.
     This sends a strong message to the illegal Zionist entity and its backers that the Palestinians despite the genocide of the past seven decades are determined to liberate their usurped homeland, which means Monday midnight’s rampage by terrorist gangs of illegal Zionist migrants in Hawara will be definitely retaliated. 
Israel is a cancerous tumour and ought to be removed from the body-politic of Palestine at any cost.
The whole resistance movement is with the oppressed people of Palestine and will provide every possible means of support in the struggle to end the illegal existence of the Zionist entity.
Bayt al-Moqaddas is sacred to the Ummah and this warrants the stepping of the armed struggle on a greater scale against both the illegal Zionist migrants and the armed forces of the regime.
The whole Muslim world, including people living in the reactionary Arab states,  fully back the Palestinians, and wish success in their endeavours against the occupiers and usurpers of their homeland.
To sum up, no conspiracy by the West or their clients in the Arab world, in the form of meetings and so-called ‘peace’ negotiations, will ever succeed in killing the Palestinian cause.