News ID: 112797
Publish Date : 25 February 2023 - 22:51

Movie Screened for Quake-Hit People in Khoy

TEHRAN -- Iranian movie ‘In the Arms of the Tree’ has been screened for quake-hit people in Khoy city, Iran.
The special screening was held on Friday at a stadium in Khoy City and attended by people from Khoy city, iFilm reported.
This screening was organized in support of the victims of the recent earthquake that struck the city.
‘In the Arms of the Tree’ directed by director Babak Khaje-Pasha is set in West Azerbaijan and showcases the province’s pristine nature.
The movie has a resonant theme following a family on the verge of falling apart and showcases a poetic feature of their last-ditch effort.
The synopsis of this movie reads, “The complex life crisis of Kimia and Farid, who have been married for 12 years, destroys the beautiful world of their children. Their children know nothing but simplicity and kindness in life.”
This is sure to be a beautiful and uplifting event that will bring some comfort and joy to the people of the city.