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Publish Date : 25 February 2023 - 22:48

Russia: New U.S. Sanctions ‘Mindless’

MOSCOW (Dispatches) – The U.S. sanctions imposed against Russia are mindless and will not lead to Moscow abandoning its independent policy, the Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said commenting on the restrictions by Washington.
“On February 24th, the world has witnessed yet another round of mindless economic and personal sanctions against Russia and its citizens. They once again want us to “suffer”. Does anyone really believe that such measures will make our country give up its independent course, divert from the chosen path towards a multipolar world based on the principle of indivisible security, international law and the UN Charter?” Antonov said as quoted by the embassy’s press service, TASS reported.
According to him, the Washington administration fails to understand that “new supplies of weapons, like all the previous ones, only prolong the conflict, leading to continued bloodshed and in no way helping bring peace any closer.”
He noted that the Russian army “keeps making strong progress in completing the tasks set before it to defend the Fatherland,” and “is supported by the entire country.”
The European Union also approved a tenth package of sanctions against Russia on Friday, following Washington’s announcement of imposing sweeping restrictions on the country.
“Together, the EU member states have imposed the most forceful and far-reaching sanctions ever to help Ukraine win the war,” the Swedish EU presidency announced on Twitter on Friday night.
“The EU stands united with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We will keep supporting Ukraine, for as long as it takes.”
The EU package includes tighter export checks regarding dual-use goods as well as sanctions against entities supporting the Russian war in Ukraine, spreading propaganda, or delivering drones used by Russia, according to Reuters.
Warsaw said the suggested sanctions on EU imports of Russian rubber included such a big quota of imports exempted and such long transition periods that they would have no effect in practice.
In another development, President Volodymyr Zelensky cautiously welcomed China’s peace plan to end Russia’s offensive against Ukraine but said the plan is only acceptable if it leads to the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian lands.
In a press conference in Kiev on the occasion of the first anniversary of Russia-Ukraine war, Zelensky said he wants to believe that Beijing is interested in a “fair peace”.
He indicated he was willing to explore some aspects of China’s proposal. He said he planned to meet with President Xi Jinping, adding he knew the plan would be beneficial for both countries and global security.
“As far as I know, China respects historical integrity,” Zelensky said. “Let’s work China on this point. Why not?”
Western leaders, however, said they are not sure about the proposal and that they believed Beijing does not have enough international credibility to play a mediating role.
U.S. President Joe Biden summed up the West’s stance on Friday night, saying China’s offer to negotiate an exit from the war was “just not rational”.
Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar has said senior Biden administration officials have a “deeply-rooted, irrational hatred of Russia” and seek to get the U.S. involved in another world war.
“Elon is correct,” Gosar wrote in a tweet on Thursday, responding to Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s comments in which he accused the U.S. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland of “pushing this war” in Ukraine.