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Publish Date : 24 February 2023 - 21:53

Zionist Leaders Warn of ‘Immediate Danger’, Disintegration

TEL AVIV (Dispatches) --
Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak has warned that the illegal entity is facing “real danger” as back-to-back protests have hit the occupied Palestinian territories amid bitter rifts over the extremist direction of the regime.
Speaking at a conference where leaders of the protest movement gathered to address the Netanyahu-led cabinet’s advancing judicial coup, Barak said that just as soldiers have a duty to refuse illegal orders, Zionists are obligated to resist an illegitimate regime.
Barak said the occupying regime of Israel is in “immediate danger” from an impending dictatorship headed by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He called on Israeli settlers to resist “with all legitimate means at their disposal.”
Opposition leader Yair Lapid spoke at the conference and warned that the occupying regime is months away from falling apart.
Lapid warned about the disintegration of the regime, saying, “In six months when the Israeli economy is crushed, in half a year when Israel starts to fall apart, hate will tear its society.”
Lapid made the comments after the Knesset passed in its preliminary reading a bill that could almost completely end court oversight of legislation by enabling the parliament to legislate laws that are preemptively immune to judicial review with a simple majority of 61 of 120 members of the parliament.
The bill is a major part of the regime’s so-called “reforms” which seek to tighten political control over judicial appointments and limit the apex court’s powers to overturn the cabinet’s decisions or Knesset’s laws.
Zionist president Isaac Herzog has already warned of “collapse” and “implosion” following protests against Netanyahu-led cabinet’s controversial “judicial reform” plan.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesma

said Thursday the occupying regime of Israel is doomed to collapse, and the support of the United States will not change the regime’s inevitable fate.
Nasser Kanaani said even though the U.S., as Israel’s main strategic ally, can continue supporting the Zionist regime and pressure other countries to normalize ties with it, the decline and ultimate collapse of Tel Aviv cannot be prevented.
Thousands of protesters have been holding massive rallies across the occupied territories in protest against a so-called judicial reforms plan proposed by Netanyahu’s far-right coalition cabinet, as lawmakers prepare to vote on the first reading of the legislation at the regime’s parliament.
Earlier in January, the former Israeli minister of military affairs Benny Gantz and former prime minister Lapid criticized the new cabinet’s policies, saying that Netanyahu would be responsible for the breakout of an internal war.
Netanyahu was indicted for receiving bribe, fraud, and breach of trust during the twilight of his previous mandate as premier in 2019. His detractors consider the so-called judicial reforms to be a vehicle for him to circumvent the repercussions of his corruption scandal.
His coalition, however, claims that the reforms are needed to curb what it calls overreach by judges.
Netanyahu was reinstated as premier after stitching together a coalition of far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties, dubbed as the most extremist in the history of the Israeli apartheid regime.
His allies include the Religious Zionism formation and Jewish Power Party, whose leaders Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir oppose Palestinian statehood and both have a history of inflammatory remarks about Palestinians.