News ID: 112679
Publish Date : 22 February 2023 - 21:51

Zionist Troops Assault Palestinian Inmates, Move Them to Unknown Place

WEST BANK (Dispatches) – Zionist troops have violently ransacked cells of Palestinian prisoners in the Ramon prison before transferring dozens of them to an unknown location.
According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, the troops raided Section 3 of the detention center and used pepper spray on Palestinian prisoners.
The advocacy group added that some 80 prisoners were transferred from the Ramon jail to another unknown location.
The Asra Media Office (AMO), another Palestinian prisoners’ rights group, said Zionist troops fired tear gas canisters, stun grenades, and rubber bullets at the prisoners before transferring them to another jail.
There was no immediate information about injuries among the Palestinian detainees.
The report prompted the Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement to denounce the vicious assault. It held Israel fully responsible for protecting Palestinian prisoners, stressing that such attacks and violations are carried out systematically.
Hamas spokesman Abdul-Latif Qanu said in a press statement that the Zionist regime’s acts of aggression and crimes would not manage to undermine Palestinian prisoners’ willpower. He called on Palestinians from all walks of life to stand in solidarity with the inmates in order to achieve their rights and freedom.
Voicing his group’s full solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, Qanu said suppressing Palestinian prisoners and depriving them of their basic human rights will only make them more determined to continue their struggle.
More than 7,000 Palestinian prisoners are currently held in some 17 the regime’s jails, with dozens of them serving multiple life sentences.
Palestinian detainees have continuously resorted to open-ended hunger strikes in an attempt to express their outrage at the detentions and harsh conditions in the occupying regime’s jails.
Senior Palestinian officials say the regime must be held accountable for its persecution of Palestinian people, including its mass and arbitrary detentions.
Palestinian inmates have also been subjected to systematic torture, harassment and repression all through the years of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.