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Publish Date : 21 February 2023 - 21:33
Why Ambulance is White in Colour
Question: Why Ambulance is White in Colour? (15 marks)
Answer: Ambulance has Oxygen cylinder.
Oxygen is a Gas, and Gas is used 4 cooking Food.
Food is source of Vitamins, and we get Vit-D from the Sun.
Sun produces Light; and Light comes from bulbs. Small Bulbs are used to decorate Christmas tree... Christmas means Gifts, and Gifts are given by Santa.
Santa lives in North Pole, and North Pole is the house of Polar Bears.
Polar Bears are White... That’s why Ambulance is White...
An English teacher was a perfectionist and demanded the very best of his pupils. So, it was only to be expected that he would get furious when little boy handed in a poor paper.
“This is the worst essay I have ever had the misfortune of reading,” ranted the teacher.
“It has too many mistakes. I can’t understand how one person would have made all these mistakes!”
“One person didn’t,” replied the boy defensively. “My father helped me!”


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