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Publish Date : 19 February 2023 - 21:45

Syria at the Mercy of the Triangle of Terrorism

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Syria is once again the target of the triangle of terrorism, and despite the fresh crimes against humanity the UN seems unwilling to condemn the Israeli attack in the heart of Damascus.
Following the martyrdom of more than 53 Syrian people by the macabrely murderous Takfiri terrorists in central Syria, the US and West European regimes which had ordered Daesh to massacre more of the innocent, gave the green signal to the illegal Zionist entity to launch missiles at the Syrian capital.
This is ample proof of how the enemies of Syria and humanity work in tandem against the Syrian people, who saw several buildings damaged in Damascus on Sunday and five people martyred, as a residential unit was hit by an Israeli missile.
The government has called for “urgent international action” to stop the Zionist entity’s unprovoked aggression, but observers point out that the UN which dares not anger the US, is not expected to do anything to end Israeli terrorism.
They point out the plight of the Palestinian people which has gone from bad to worse with no one, not even the several US clients amongst the Arab states, to express at least any sympathy for an entire nation held hostage over the past 75 years in their own usurped homeland by the illegal Zionist migrants from Eastern Europe, who claim to be Jews in spite of the fact that these ethnic Khazars and not Semites and totally unconnected to the ancient Israelite tribes – most of whom today are Christians and Muslims.
This means Israeli will have a free hand in striking Syria at will, especially since the Americans are in occupation of large swathes of Syria’s territory and stealing its oil to finance Zionist acts of terrorism in the region.
The Kafr Sousa neighborhood in central Damascus clearly shows the extensive damage done by incoming Israeli missiles – most of which were blasted in midair by the Syrian military forces.
It is obvious that Israeli is trying to push Syria into an unwanted war since the American created Takfiri terrorists have failed to carry out their sinister plan of splintering Syria into several pieces.
The rule of law in Syria, coupled with the popularity of the elected government of Dr. Bashar al-Assad and loyalty of the Syrian people to their homeland, especially the large Sunni Muslim majority and the influential Christian minority, has frustrated the devilish designs of the US, the West European regimes, Arab reactionaries, and the Zionist entity for installing a puppet regime in Damascus.
For the moment the Syrian air defenses have done a good job in intercepting most of the Israeli missiles in the Damascus countryside, including Tal al-Masih near the city of Shahba, north of al-Suwayda in southwestern Syria, but it is clear their means of defence, and of course, decisive retaliation needs to be improved.
As usual, the Islamic Republic of Iran extends its principled support for the aggressed Syrian people, and expresses sympathies for the bereaved families, who should definitely plan vengeance.