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Publish Date : 19 February 2023 - 21:44
TEHRAN – Iran on Sunday strongly condemned the occupying regime of Israel’s deadly attack on targets in the Syrian capital of Damascus and its suburbs, denouncing as “shameful” the silence of Western countries regarding the repeated violations of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani’s reaction came after missiles hit a number of residential buildings mostly in Kafr Sousa neighborhood in central Damascus, which left five people including a soldier dead and 15 civilians wounded.
Syrian air defenses shot down most of the missiles. The Al-Mayadeen television network said the strike by the Zionist regime targeted areas in the Damascus countryside, including Tal al-Masih near the city of Shahba.
Kanaani called the West’s silence on repeated violations of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by the Zionist regime as “shameful”. He asked the international community and responsible organizations, in particular the UN Security Council, to show a “swift, serious and effective” reaction to the Israeli aggression.
The Zionist regime’s assault came just a day after Syrian state media outlets said as many as 53 people had been killed in an ambush carried out by the Daesh terrorist group near a central Syrian city.
“The fact that the new strikes by the Zionist regime succeeded attacks by the Daesh terrorist group against the Syrian nation indicates the link and coordination between the two terrorist entities, which is a natural and inherent connection,” Kanaani said.
“The Syrian people have already been suffering from the aftermath of the recent destructive earthquake and these two entities are trying to inflict more pain and agony on the bereaved people,” he added.
On Saturday, Kanaani condemned brutal Daesh attack in Homs,
 saying the United States is complicit in the continuation of the acts of terror in the war-ravaged country.
“The current policies and approaches of the American regime indicate the continuation of this regime’s double standards in dealing with international issues, including the battle against terrorism,” he said.
“The U.S. government, as one of the founders and supporters of the Daesh terrorist group and a government that has an illegal military presence in a part of Syria’s territory, is complicit in the continuation of the crimes by this group and the continuation of insecurity in Syria,” Kanaani added.
The occupying regime of Israel frequently carries out missile attacks on targets in Syria, mostly using the airspace of Lebanon or the occupied territories.
Syria has repeatedly complained to the UN about the Zionist regime’s aggression, urging the Security Council to take action against Tel Aviv’s crimes. The calls have, however, fallen on deaf ears.
Syria has pledged to give a crushing response to such acts of aggression at a time of its choosing. 
Ammar al-Hakim, the Iraqi Shia cleric and head of National Wisdom Movement (Hikma), said in a statement on Sunday that the Zionist regime’s repeated targeting of Syria requires a “serious stance” by the international community.
“We strongly condemn the blatant attack committed by the Zionist entity on Syria in Damascus, which killed a number of people and injured many others,” Hakim was quoted as saying by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
“The repetition of the targeting requires a serious stance by the international community and organizations to reject this aggression, which clearly and blatantly violates international rules and laws,” he added.



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