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Publish Date : 14 February 2023 - 21:56

Lifetime of Love for Music

TEHRAN (IP) -- Seyed
Hamid Peymoode was born in April 6, 1985, in Tehran. Since 2002, he has released 3 albums and 8 pieces in the field of music independently and with the use of Iranian masters.
During these years, some of the videos of this artist have been published on the official Persian and international channels of his country, and the last piece released by this artist called “Man Be Jat” was officially released to the music market in 2022 under the “PEYMOODE” label.
Peymoode is currently producing his new album in the electronic, instrumental style, which will be released in 2023.
Peymoode is not just a namePeymoode in the Farsi language means to walk the path.
Hamid Peymoode introduced himself to his audience with the name of Peymoode after passing through the obstacles of this path for 21 years and gaining experience and musical knowledge. According to her, Peymoode is not only her personal stage name but also the publishing label of her works.
Independence in music (independent music)From the beginning, Hamid Peymoode entered the field of music with the aim of producing standard and different works, and until today, these two data-x-items have been the most important components of his works.
According to him, this has caused him to avoid cooperation with labels and music production and publishing companies so that he can freely create pieces according to his will that will create a sense of beauty for himself and the audience. In his opinion, adherence to music theory is more important in the production of artwork than the current taste of the artistic community.
Although he is an authorized artist in Iran, Peymoode has not produced many works during his years of activity, but he is currently working on his album which will be released this year.
The transcendental power of music PEYMOODE’s opinion, music has extraordinary power and can destroy the border between countries and people, which is nothing more beautiful than a world without borders. The diverse nature of music and audiences from all over the world shows that there is a common language and regardless of borders and geography, studies show that in some diseases, music therapy has a very important and influential role and can be attributed to its important role in reducing anxiety and depression.
Each work is created by an artist with 7 independent notes, which are the same notes that exist in nature. From the sound of the river to the sound of an autumn leaf falling from the branch.