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Publish Date : 11 February 2023 - 21:34

Multimillion-Strong Rallies Shatter Dreams of Enemies

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Yesterday multimillion-strong rallies once again brightened up the face of Iran as the masses in some 1,400 towns and cities and 38,000 villages and hamlets marked 44th anniversary of the triumph of the grassroots Islamic movement that threw into the dustbin of history the rootless Pahlavi potentate and the puppeteers in London and Washington who controlled him.
People of all ages, ranging from infants in prams to the elders in elders, jubilantly celebrated the independence of Iran, the life breathed into the nation by Seyyed Ruhollah (Spirit of God) Imam Khomeini, the restoration of honour and dignity to Iranian women, and the liberties achieved by all sections of the society.
In Tehran, the masses converged on Azadi (Freedom) Square from different directions of the capital to listen to the speech of President Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi, amidst vociferous chants of God’s Majesty (Allah-o Akbar, and renewal of allegiance to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Seyyed Ali Khamenei.
It was a spectacular sight to see the unity of the Iranian people who unanimously denounced the Great Satan (the US) and its devilish imp (Israel), while making a bonfire of the flags of these two archenemies of humanity.
They also condemned the thugs, traitors, terrorists, seditionists, murderers, arsonists, blasphemers, and characterless women who recently on the orders of the West indulged in such shameless acts as bearing of heads in public and burning of headscarves.
The yardstick of progress of a nation are its achievements in both the spiritual and material fields, including science and technology, and promotion of religious-cultural values, such as ethics, public morals, and the dignity of Hijab for women.
Over the past 44 years, despite the intensity of the plots of its enemies, the Islamic Republic has achieved self-sufficiency in almost all fields. True to the principles of the Revolution, it has never hesitated to help nations and people in distress, whether those affected by natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, famines, and epidemics) or terrorised by the clients of big powers through wars, bloodshed, and sanctions.
This is the reason, people in various parts of the world, such as West, Southern, and Central Asia, as well as Africa and parts of the Americas, have joined the Iranian people in celebrating the anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution. 
For instance, the way the Muslim people of Nigeria held road rallies in Abuja and Kano, and the people of Iraq and Lebanon held gatherings to pay homage to the ideals of the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, was a treat to watch.
In short, the enthusiasm of the Iranian people to protect the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic, as the model system of government for all aspiring societies, is another smashing blow on the face of global arrogance and its mercenaries.