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Publish Date : 08 February 2023 - 21:34

Islamic Iran’s Steady Triumphs Over Enemy Plots

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Forty-four years is only part of the formative period of a revolution, especially of the one stemming from the grassroots movement of a nation determined to bring about far-reaching changes in the society, irrespective of the intensity of the intricate plots of the frustrated enemies.
This means the Dawn that dawned in 1979 upon Tehran on February 1 with millions welcoming the arrival home of the Beloved Leader from 15 years of exile and which ten days later glowed resplendently throughout the country to herald the birth of the dynamic Islamic system, was a timeless event.
In other words, the durability of the Islamic Revolution is not limited to dozens or scores of years, neither its achievements confined to the geographical borders of Iran, nor its impact restricted to the people of the so-called Middle East and Central-Southern Asia, as well as the Muslim World.
To the horror of the defeated hegemons, the Islamic Revolution in Iran was and is of global consequences spanning centuries that eventually spells the end of the current unjust, exploitative, odious, immoral, and agnostic world order.
The Father of the Islamic Revolution in the 1970s during his exile in holy Najaf, Iraq, had delivered a series of lectures, which published later in book form with the title “Islamic Government”, clearly outlined the bright future awaiting Iran.
His words were prophetic when he said the Islamic government “truly belongs to the people” – something unheard and unimaginable in an Iran reeling under the oppression of the British-installed and American-backed Pahlavi regime.
Imam Khomeini (RA) further promised the Iranian people: “The entire system of government and administration, together with necessary laws, lies ready for you. If the administration of the country calls for taxes, Islam has made the necessary provision; and if laws are needed, Islam has established them all. Everything is ready and waiting.”
He gave tidings to the eager nation: “The Islamic Government will be just but it will also be unsparing with troublesome groups that cause corruption in Muslim society, and try to damage Islam and the Islamic state.”
The person who foresaw the collapse of communism and predicted the demise of the deceitful liberal democracy of the West, correctly pointed out: “To keep us backward, to keep us in our present miserable state so they can exploit our riches, our underground wealth, our lands and our human resources, they want us to remain afflicted and wretched.”
His warning continues to ring in our ears: “Foreign experts have studied our country and have discovered all our mineral reserves -- gold, copper, petroleum, and so on. They have assessed our people’s intelligence and come to the conclusion that the only barrier blocking their way are Islam and the religious leadership.”
To defeat the devilry of the US and the depraved European colonial regimes which call such abominable vices as promiscuity, nudity, sodomy, lesbianism, fornication, and alcoholism, as ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom of women’, he restored to Iranian women their deprived dignity and all other rights in society.
Thanks to Imam Khomeini’s respect for human rights, today the Hijab has become the universal symbol of feminine virtues and honour in Iran and almost all over the world, in contrast to the West’s degradation of women as mere carnal and commercial commodities.
No matter what poisonous propaganda the Zionist-controlled West indulges in by paying scantily clad women in their countries to shout slogans against Islamic Iran and hiring a few characterless girls in Tehran to bare their heads in public and burn the scarves, the Islamic Republic remains an indomitable centre of Hijab-clad ladies active in all spheres of the society.
From public life to academic and cultural institutes and from the sports arena to the diplomatic corridors as well as in the field of technology and science, Iranian women are trendsetters inspiring women of other countries to follow their example.
Imam Khomeini had called for eradication of the cancerous tumour called Israel and this fast approaching reality has terrified the planters of the Zionist entity on Palestinian soil to such an extent that they are desperately trying to avert the inevitable.
This is evident by the hiring of thugs, traitors, terrorists, morally loose women, and blasphemers to cause riots in some parts of Iran, but Israel’s attacks on Syria, the threats against Lebanon, and open dalliance with the equally rootless and unrepresentative regimes of the Persian Gulf region.
Undeterred by the illegal American sanctions and the wild accusations of West European regimes, the Islamic Republic of Iran continues its ascent towards the pillars of progress in all fields and provides valuable assistance to all those fighting oppression and terrorism, with full confidence in Imam Khomeini’s famous statement: The US cannot do a damn thing.