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Publish Date : 06 February 2023 - 22:31

Fajr Int’l Film Festival Underway in Tehran

TEHRAN - On the fifth day of the 41st Fajr International Film Festival, the movies screened on the schedule, the first movie of a young director included.
The director of this film, Reza Nejati, is one of the young filmmakers with his first film, called “After Leaving” at the 41st Fajr Film Festival. Mahmoud Babaei, the producer of this film, produced the film, and “After Leaving” is his second produced film.
In the press conference held on Sunday night after the screening of this film, the director of this film said: “Our choice was to leave some questions unanswered.”
Nejati added: Our most important challenge in pre-production was choosing an actor. When Saber Abar accepted the role as a well-known figure, other actors also trusted us. Mahmoud Babaei, the producer, in response to a question about the absence of actors in the press conference, said: “The presence of actors was their choice, they were informed, but I did not insist on their presence, which is a kind of “democracy”.