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Publish Date : 01 February 2023 - 21:49
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The worsening human rights situation in the Persian Gulf island of Bahrain has presents a disproportionate picture of the sufferings of the people at the hands of a minority regime hell bent on committing the most shocking crimes against not only its citizens, but against the Arabs and Muslims in general.
Members of the long suppressed majority community are indiscriminately detained without any charges, imprisoned, tortured, and either expelled or killed.
According to a new report, cited by the Aljazeera website on Tuesday many victims were unable to resume a normal life due to “invisible wounds” that persist years after the alleged mistreatment.
In one case, a man who was arrested while taking a shower and dragged naked on the street, where he was beaten, says he has developed anger and irritability and a deep-seated fear of being rearrested or of something happening to his family members. Fear of reprisal due to threats from security forces later prevented him from attending therapy.
Human Rights Watch (HRW), among other international organisations, has criticised the Aal-e Khalifa regime which over the past decade has continued “cracking down on peaceful opposition”.
It pointed out that since 2017 the authorities have banned independent media organisations and dissolved all significant opposition groups.
In contrast to the plight of the overwhelming majority of the Bahraini people, the Aal-e Khalifa regime openly dallies with the archenemies of Islam – the Zionist occupiers of Palestine and the brutal oppressors of the Palestinian people.
Its members make a mockery of both Arab dignity and Islamic etiquette, as is evident by the self-confessions of Sheikha Jawaher bint Khalifa Aal-e Khalifa, who heads the so-called Foundation for Youth Empowerment, whose actual mission is to promote depraved western culture in Bahrain.
In her recent interview with the Arabian Business Awards at Dubai’s Museum of the Future, she brazenly disclosed about her trip to Israel and her shameless exploits there with her Zionist friends.
She revealed that she along with her bosom pal, Paul of Britain, dined and wined with leading Israelis – even while the Palestinian people continue to suffer, with their underage children tortured, and their women physically assaulted by the Zionists.
She seems to have relished kosher meat (against the Islamic practice of Zabiha) and though she did not disclose whether Paul, her Christian pal, serves pork for her, she was thrilled with her enjoyment of all forbidden things in Israel.  
Jawaher unabashedly admitted, “I went there. I loved it. I am very proud. I am the first female person from the royal family to visit Tel Aviv, which I am very proud of.”
This is the sorry state of affairs in Bahrain, which ruled by a minority regime of pirate origin, mercilessly terrorizes Muslims, slavishly serves the British and the Americans, and shamelessly dallies with the Zionists.
It is time for the oppressed Bahraini Muslims to rise up (this time with arms and ammunitions) and throw into the dustbin of history this despicable anti-Islamic regime.
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