News ID: 111864
Publish Date : 28 January 2023 - 22:12

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The killings and counter killings have increased in the Zionist usurped land of Palestine as the occupiers and the freedom fighters, though unequal in arms, ammunitions, resources, and media coverage, continue to test their skills.
It is a struggle in which the defenders are wrongly depicted as terrorists by the aggressors and their supporters, who are in fact the real terrorists with hands dipped in the innocent blood of tens of thousands of people.
In other words, on one side is the spirit of jihad and the honour of martyrdom for the oppressed, while on the side are the demoralized armed-to-the teeth forces of the oppressors led by a cowardly regime terrified of the eventuality of its ignominious end.
The unabated terror of the Israelis against the sons of the soil climaxed on Thursday with the brutal killing of some ten Palestinians and wounding of scores of innocent men, women, and children – the deadliest single terrorist attack in two decades – followed by the frantic kidnapping of at least fifty people.
The Palestinians had to respond and they did on Friday when a brave youth in the eastern part of Bayt al-Moqaddas, carried out a lightning operation which bestowed him with not just the honour of martyrdom but the added reward of sending to the bowels of the inferno at least ten of the dastardly occupiers.
The venue of the valiant vengeance was a so-called synagogue built on a usurped piece of Muslim land by illegal non-Semitic migrants with no links to Palestine and claiming to be Jews in spite of the fact Judaism accepts no converts.
So, do not believe the lies of the Zionist-controlled western media, which said a ‘terrorist’ targeted “Israelis gathered for prayers at the start of the Jewish Sabbath.”
‘Prayers’ to whom, for whom, by whom, and for what purpose?
Certainly not to the One and Only Creator of the universe Who sent an unbroken chain of Prophets since the creation of the Father of mankind, Adam, and which include such great emissaries of God, as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon.
Definitely not for the service of humanity and for the promotion of peace and goodwill for the human race.
Surely not by persons repentant of their foul deeds, sins, and crimes-against humanity that include sadistic pleasure in the killing of Palestinians, the misery of the besieged Gazans, the bombing of Syria, the threats against Lebanon, and the devilish plots against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Obviously not for the seeking of forgiveness for the Zionist slandering of the Virgin Mary and Prophet Jesus (peace upon them), or for guidance from God to discover the truth of Islam and the universal mission of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).
In view of these undeniable facts, we hail the heroism of the Palestinian youth and we expect more such operations in the future to speed up the blotting of Israel from the world map.

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