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Publish Date : 28 January 2023 - 22:04

Yemen’s Ansarullah: Qur’an Burning Amounts to Declaration of War Against Muslims

SANA’A (Dispatches) – The
leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement has severely censured the desecration of the Holy Qur’an by a far-right Swedish-Danish politician in Stockholm and Copenhagen, terming the sacrilegious move as a declaration of war against the Muslim world.
Addressing a ceremony in the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi stated that the spread of Islam in European and Western societies has been a source of constant worry for enemies of Islam, and prompted anti-Islam individuals to set fire to the copies of the Muslim holy book in a show of desperation.
He stressed that the burning of the Holy Qur’an in European countries falls within the framework of their hostile war on human societies, and their efforts to distance societies from Qur’an, and create animosity towards Islam.
On Friday, Swedish-Danish right-wing extremist Rasmus Paludan torched copies of the Holy Qur’an near a mosque and outside the premises of the Turkish Embassy in the Danish capital Copenhagen.
Paludan had already infuriated the Muslim world by staging a Qur’an-burning protest in Sweden’s capital Stockholm on Jan. 21. The right-wing extremist has vowed to continue the stunt every Friday until Sweden is admitted into the U.S.-led NATO.
“The burning of the Holy Qur’an is not justifiable by any means. It is considered a hostile, criminal and profane action against all holy books,” Houthi said.
The Ansarullah chief noted, “Oppressors are trying to put up a barrier between world nations and the Qur’an, because they view it as the biggest danger for themselves and the biggest savior for human beings.”
“Burning of the Holy Qur’an and declaring enmity towards it and Islam amount to a blatant disrespect for all Muslims. Such an approach also attests to the extent of satanic forces’ anger towards Qur’an and their weakness in the face of the sacred book,” he noted.
Houthi also condemned the burning of the Holy Qur’an as the gravest act of hostility against Islam and Muslims, emphasizing that the pro-Zionist lobby stands at the forefront of the aggressive campaign against Islam, Qur’an and Muslims.
“Satanic forces try to perpetrate grievous sins and despicable crimes in the name of freedom of thought and speech, and enlist political and legal support for them,” the leader of the Ansarullah movement said.
Many Arab and Muslim countries, including Iran, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Kuwait – as well as social media users – condemned the act, expressing their concerns amid a rise of extremist tendencies in Europe.
In Bahrain, people poured onto the streets to condemn the burning of copies of the Holy Qur’an.
Demonstrators took part in mass rallies across the kingdom, including the capital Manama, Ras Rumman neighborhood, Sanabis village and Sitra Island, on Friday to express their outrage over the sacrilegious act.