News ID: 111817
Publish Date : 27 January 2023 - 22:13

Isfahan Broadens Ties With Sister Cities Across Globe

TEHRAN (IMNA) – Isfahan Municipality has held talks with Iran’s branch of Junior Chamber International to lay a roadmap for boosting urban diplomacy between the ancient metropolis and its sister cities across the globe.
“Isfahan has 14 sister cities, and such a capacity should be used effectively to widen urban diplomacy, chiefly through cultural and economic ties,” JCI Iran Secretory Navid Edris said .
He said that capacity can spur international communication development, especially in the arena of trade and exports.
“So we expect a synergy to be established between the municipality and the Junior Chamber International. This way, we can invite the youth of other countries to Isfahan,” Edris said.
“Such interactions will open the door for our young people to connect with their international counterparts through small businesses.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, Edris attached great importance to existing business opportunities to say: “Businessmen are expected to help strengthen ties between Isfahan and its sister cities. We want to foster a connection between the young people of Isfahan and their peers around the world as one of our main objectives.”
Junior Chamber International or JCI, for short, is an international non-governmental organization for young people ages 18 to 40.