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Publish Date : 16 January 2023 - 21:51

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

No amount of snowfall or the sheets of ice that blanket Canada in autumn and winter can whitewash the blood stains from the hands of a regime which relishes the organized murder of native children and their burial in secret mass graves.
Yet Ottawa claims to be an advocate of human rights and tries to meddle in the affairs of independent countries, such as Iran, by shamelessly supporting criminals of all hue and colour, including embezzlers, murderers, traitors, and blasphemers.
In violation of international rules, the regime of the preposterous liar, Justin Trudeau, who makes a mockery of himself by blowing out of proportion the figure of 15 convicts found deserving of capital punishment to “15,000 already executed”, refuses to handover to Iran at least 9 embezzlers who stole billions of US dollars of public money.
The most wanted Iranian fugitives from justice are Mohammed Reza Khavari and Marjan Sheikholeslami Aleagha, whose extradition Canada has ignored despite the petitions of citizens of Iranian origin against turning their adopted country into a safe haven for notorious convicts.
Tehran views as no more than trash the biased statements that Ottawa issues against the Islamic Republic and its adoption of a hostile posture at the UN regarding events in Iran, while startling evidence of the systematic ethnic massacres of Canada’s racist regime is unearthed.
A native group in western Canada recently discovered evidence of unmarked graves and a piece of a child’s jawbone in the premises of a former residential school, shining a light on generations of oppression against them.
According to the Star Blanket Cree Community, an indigenous group, ground-penetrating radar in the province of Saskatchewan helped locate as many as 2,000 areas of possible unmarked graves.
It called for thorough investigation, describing the jawbone fragment as the “physical proof of an unmarked grave”, but given the cowardly and callous nature of Trudeau regime, there is little chance of the thorough probe of these areas.
Canadian authorities have been forcibly separating thousands of indigenous children from their families for more than 100 years and making them attend the so-called residential schools, in order to sever their cultural ties and assimilate them into the Christian community.
The bleak, black and bloody record of Canada speaks for itself, especially in view of concrete evidence found of the forcible removal from their families of over 150,000 natives or First Nations children and their sending to the so-called residential schools, which are rife with physical abuse, rape, malnutrition, and other atrocities against the children.
Since 2021, at least 1,300 child graves were unearthed near government-run compulsory boarding schools for indigenous children.
These are not the sole crimes against humanity of the idiotic Trudeau and his predecessor regimes.
To Canada’s flawed climate policy, its violation of the rights of immigrants, its granting of asylum to embezzlers, and its support for terrorists, traitors, secessionists, seditionists, blasphemers, murderers, and characterless women, should be added the deprivation of the native population centres of healthy drinking water.
No wonder, the Ottawa regime impudently indulges in the ethnic cleansing of the original inhabitants of the land Canada and no feels no inhibitions in vain efforts to cause socio-economic damage to independent world countries, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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