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Publish Date : 13 January 2023 - 23:08

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

While the continued supply of lethal weapons to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and their mercenaries in Yemen by western powers, especially the US, Britain, and France, takes a heavy toll of civilian life, destroys the infrastructure, and spreads famine and diseases, the merchants of death try to divert attention from their crimes against humanity by accusing other countries.
Even fact-finding bodies in the West, such as Oxfam release fully investigated reports of the human catastrophe in Yemen because of the inhuman policies of their own regimes, which mischievously blame the Islamic Republic of Iran of sending arms and ammunitions to the long blockades northern parts of Yemen.
Oxfam’s latest report last Wednesday said that “hundreds of attacks on civilians in Yemen” occurred between January 2021 and February 2022 with weapons supplied by the two Western countries, that is, the US and Britain.
The 43-page report pointed out evidence that airstrikes by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, coupled with artillery by the southern militias, contained cluster munitions prohibited under international conventions and customary law.
Yet, Washington and London, which are also fuelling the NATO war in Ukraine, the frequent acts of terrorism in Syria and Iraq, as well as the recent riots in Iran that resulted in arson, murder, loot, blasphemy, and sacrilege, feel sadistic glee at the unabated death and destruction in Yemen and elsewhere.
These regimes instead resort to the height of hypocrisy by claiming seizure of weapons from Iran bound for Yemen.
These are nothing but false narratives, similar to their crude attempts to portray the thugs, traitors, seditionists, murderers, terrorists, blasphemers and characterless women as persons longing for life, liberty and women’s rights.
The weapons the US displays from time to time on some hired dhows and small vessels of rifles, ammunitions, and grenades, claiming that these were for Yemen from Iran are thus false narratives.
First of all the ports of northern Yemen are under blockade of Saudi Arabia, which in violation of international rules, prevents even food, fuel, and medicinal cargo from nearing the coast.
Second, Yemen has no need for any weapons from Iran. The arsenals of Sana’a contain huge quantities of advanced armaments, including missiles and drones procured by the former regimes from various sources.
Last but not the least, Yemen’s national army and combatants of the popular Ansarullah movement have in their ranks highly skilled and innovative military engineers, who maintain their defence equipment in safe depots out of reach of the bombing of Saudi Arabia’s Anglo-American aircraft, and possess the ingenuity to upgrade the power, precision, and range of the drones and missiles.
These retaliatory strikes have unnerved the aggressors and their western supporters, and this is the reason they indulge in the most preposterous lies by accusing in a bid to deflect attention from the continued supply of lethal weapons to Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, and their mercenaries in southern Yemen.

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