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Publish Date : 07 January 2023 - 21:58

TEL AVIV – The occupying
regime of Israel’s newly-appointed security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has paid his first visit to a security prison to make sure that inmates’ conditions haven’t improved in the wake of a high court ruling in their favor.
“I came last night to Nafha Prison to make sure murderers of Jews don’t receive better conditions since the construction of new prison cells,” Ben-Gvir said on Friday. “I was happy to see that the Israel Prison Service does not intend to improve the condition of their incarceration. I will continue to deal with the conditions of security prisoners so they won’t have excessive rights.”
Ben-Gvir was accompanied on his visit by prison service commissioner Katy Perry and senior prison service officials. The extremist minister visited the new wings built last year for security prisoners, which have mechanisms that make it harder for them to escape. The wings were constructed in line with a high court on living space for security prisoners.
Ben-Gvir was shown the cells, which have a capacity for six prisoners with three bunk beds. Each cell floor is made of reinforced concrete and a flag of the Zionist regime is permanently installed at the entrance to each wing.
The extremist minister’s visit took place following the release of Karim Younis, Israel’s longest-serving Palestinian security prisoner, who was freed on Thursday after 40 years behind bars.
Ben-Gvir had decided against allowing Younis to be released at the prison site and instead gave the police commissioner instructions to free Younis in Ra’anana in order to prevent celebrations at the facility.
Hamas condemned the visit “a dangerous escalation”, saying it was intended “to oppress the prisoners and to tighten their suffocating conditions”.
“It’s unprecedented criminal

behavior toward them,” the group said, and warned that it would not remain silent in the face of such provocative measures.
Ben-Gvir had stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque’s compound in the holy occupied city of Al-Quds’ Old City on Tuesday. The compound is regarded by Muslims as their third-holiest site.
The Palestinian leadership called the intrusion “an unprecedented provocation.”
The occupied West Bank-headquartered Palestinian foreign ministry reacted by warning that the move had violated both the international law and the historical status quo of the site, adding that it could trigger a “religious war.”
“Ben-Gvir is widely regarded as a fascist, who has repeatedly made provocative moves against Palestinians and the sacred Al-Aqsa Mosque, and has frequently stoked violence and terror with his inflammatory remarks, hateful threats, and controversial actions,” the ministry said in a statement.


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