News ID: 110682
Publish Date : 28 December 2022 - 21:40

Exports to Iraq Via Khosravi Border Grow 28%

GHASRESHIRIN, Iran – Director of the Khosravi Customs Office Mehdi Abbasi on Wednesday said that Iran has exported more than $621.761 million worth of non-oil commodities to Iraq via the Khosravi border crossing in the first nine months of the calendar year that started in late March, up 28% compared to the same period last year.
Abbasi said that the volume of goods and products exported via the crossing over the March-December period had stood at 1.598 million metric tons, a 43% increase against the same period last year.
Export shipments mainly consisted of vegetables, diaries, construction materials, tile, cakes and biscuits, Abbasi said.
He said that cargo transit via Khosravi to and from Iran rose to 129,117 tons worth more than $114.151 million over March-December, showing increases of a 1,537% and 309% in volume and value terms, respectively.
Khosravi border crossing is located in Kermanshah, a province in western Iran which has 371 kilometers of borders with Iraq.
Khosravi and Parvizkhan are the two official border crossings in Ghasreshirin, a border city which is responsible for a bulk of Iran’s economic and trade exchanges with both Iraq and its autonomous Kurdistan region.