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Publish Date : 28 December 2022 - 21:40

Iran Boosts Natural Gas Output by 10mcm Per Day

TEHRAN - The CEO of the National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) Alireza Daneshi said the company has completed overhaul of a key natural gas liquids (NGL) project in southern Iran to allow the country to increase its overall natural gas output by some 10 million cubic meters (mcm) per day.
CEO of the National Iranian South Oil Company, an NIOC subsidiary, said on Tuesday that it had started injecting natural gas to Iran’s national grid from its NGL 1000 project in Aghajari region in southwestern province of Khuzestan.
“This will allow for stability in production and distribution of natural gas with the purpose of meeting a part of the winter energy demand in the country,” said Daneshi.
The announcement comes amid growing demand for natural gas for heating in Iran as temperatures have dropped to below zero in many parts of the country.
Figures by the Iran’s state gas company the NIGC released over the weekend showed that gas demand in the Iranian household sector had reached an all time high of nearly 600 mcm per day.
Iran is the third largest natural gas producer in the world after the United States and Russia with some 987 mcm per day in raw sour gas output capacity.
NIGC figures released in early December showed the company had supplied a record of 843 mcm per day of natural gas to Iran’s national pipeline network.