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Publish Date : 24 December 2022 - 22:02

Jesus Continues to be Tortured by Present-Day Judas Iscariots

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The Christmas messages by the Leader of the Catholic sect of Christianity or by his Anglican counterpart of the Canterbury Church dwelt as usual on the concepts of peace and affection for all humanity, but failed to support either the real supporters of the Virgin-born Messiah or the victims of the violators of his mission.
Jesus (peace upon him) stood for human dignity, the virtue of men, the chastity of women, the spirituality of youth, and the proper grooming of children as members of sound and healthy societies.
Both Francis and Justin Welby ignored these basic concepts of the mission of Jesus. They also refused to condemn the US for its un-Christian policies as well as the devilry of the archenemies of the Son of Mary (peace upon her), that is, the despicable Zionists.
It is rather strange for the Christian World to kowtow to the Zionists and the illegal entity called Israel, while indulging in the most absurd phobia against Islam and Muslims, including the propaganda against the Islamic Republic for protecting public morality through its decreeing of the Hijab and modest dressing for women.
It seems, depravity has deprived minds in the West of any of spirituality and moral values, as is evidence in their Bacchanal celebration of Christmas, and their satanic designs in trying to disturb the peace and order of the Iranian society through thugs, terrorists, traitors, and characterless women who indulge in arson, murder, looting, and blasphemy.
Mary is a mode par-excellence for the daughters of Eve, but how many of the supposedly Christian girls and women in the West tread the path blazed out by her for the safeguarding of feminine honour and dignity.
She was always clad in Hijab as the symbol of the real freedom of women, but the policymakers of the US and Europe decry the very concept of headscarves and modest clothing for women.
This is fully evident by their diabolical policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, where these powers are meddling by supporting thugs, criminals and women of loose morals.
Does Jesus agree with the policies of the politicians of the West who pay lip service to him, but follow the Satan, as is evident in the vices and sins prevailing in the societies of Europe and the Americas?
Does the Messiah, whose glory the prelates sing in the churches, endorse the devilish lifestyle of the preachers, whose perversion has reached the height of hypocrisy by transforming them into paedophiles, pimps, and prostitutes?
The answers are a big “NO”. Then why these perverted persons do not summon up the courage to say that they are not Christians anymore?
Christmas is supposed to be a time of goodwill. It is an occasion to overcome devilish traits and return to innate human nature. It is an opportunity for self-reform, and rectifying the wrongs committed against one’s own self and against others, by returning to moral values and the path of God.
Jesus, who was born in Palestine and preached his message in Palestine, is certainly not happy with the pathetic situation of the Palestinian people, both Christian and Muslim, reeling under the jackboots of the Zionists, the evil offspring of his Israelite tormentors, whose sordid practices he strongly opposed.
He is also not happy with the war in Ukraine or the crises throughout the world triggered by the US and European regimes.
To sum up, unless the politicians and prelates of the Christian World repent and return to the path of Jesus, and stop their support for thugs, traitors, terrorists, and characterless women, the world will continue to be plagued by all sorts of ills, miseries, wars and bloodshed, with the Messiah definitely displeased with those who claim to be his followers.