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Publish Date : 14 December 2022 - 21:08
President Raisi:

Iran Turning Into Economic Power Worries Enemies

TEHRAN -- President Ebrahim Raisi said Wednesday that the enemies seek to keep the Iranian people preoccupied with unrest and insecurity so that their problems are not solved.
Addressing the 14th national conference of managers and officials of Khatam al-Anbiya construction headquarters, Raisi the enemies have launched a hybrid war on Iran to prevent the country from turning into an economic power.
“Our Iran must be strong and the economic power is one of the manifestations of a strong Iran. A strong Iran is not possible without a strong economy and infrastructure,” he said.
Raisi touched on the economic advancement of some European countries even though they do not enjoy as much coast as Iran.
“We possess long coastal areas, but our GDP from the sea is 2-3%. This is while some countries make more than 50% of their GDP from the sea.”
The president said some of Iran’s neighbors earn as much from the digital economy as Iran does from selling oil.
Head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major-General Hussein Salami said foreign countries would never gift independence, power, dignity and glory to Iran.
He said the Iranian nation’s greatness lies in perseverance and seriousness in production of science and technology.
“We are a country that has decided to live without the will of outsiders and enemies having any impact on us,” the general said. “We want to act based on our own national will and the enemy wants exactly the opposite.”