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Publish Date : 14 December 2022 - 21:08

Hafez Poems Dazzle Romanians

TEHRAN (IMNA) - “Hafez: The Nectar of Love, Ghazals Selected from the Divan of Hafez” (“Hafez: Nectarul Iubirii, Ghazaluri alese din Divan-ul lui Hafez”) has been rendered into Romanian by Sara Esterabadeyan, a visually impaired Iranian translator who lives in Bucharest.
Editura Integral has published the book with contributions from the Embassy of Iran to mark 120 years of diplomatic relations between Iran and Romania, the embassy announced in a press release .
The book carries 200 poems from the Persian masterpiece composed by Shams ad-Din Mohammad, the celebrated Persian lyric poet who is best known as Hafez. It is the most complete Romanian edition ever offered in the world.
The book was launched last Wednesday at Bucharest’s Mihai Eminescu Bookstore during a special ceremony attended by Esterabadeyan, Editura Integral director Dan-Silviu Boerescu, Iranian Ambassador Hossein Sadat-Meidani and several cultural figures.
In her short speech, Esterabadeyan talked about the strident efforts she made to provide the most accurate translation of the poems by the great figure of Persian literature.
Sadat-Meidani called the book “a present from the treasure trove of Iran’s rich culture forRomanian people.”
Due to the multi-layered nature of Hafez’s poetry, he said that translators need to have an intimate knowledge of Hafez’s thoughts and personality.
Boerescu, who is a literary critic, praised the book for its good translation, and described Hafez as a gem, which must be viewed from different angles, and people should know his poetry as much as their perception.
In her preface to the book, Esterabadeyan wrote, “Hafez (1326-1390) is the poet most representative of Persian cultural identity and spirituality.”
“In the home of every Iranian, there is at least one edition of the Divan of Hafez, because this poet of love is well known as tarjuman al-asrar or lisan al-ghaib, the interpreter of secrets or the speaker of the unseen.
“That is why there is an ancient practice deeply rooted in Persian tradition called fal-e Hafez, a form of communication with the inner realm through Hafez’s revelatory verses.
“It is only necessary to ask a question or an intention for which you seek guidance, and then, saying a short personal prayer from your heart, open Hafez’s book and read the ghazal that catches your eye. There, you will find a message that your soul will decipher to reveal what you need to know.
“I wish you much inspiration in using this book as a divinatory tool.”