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Publish Date : 12 December 2022 - 22:20

Iran Blasts ‘Shameful History’ of German, French Violations

TEHRAN -- Iran has denounced France and Germany for meddling in its domestic affairs and supporting riots in the country, saying the two European countries’ decision to grant a so-called human rights award to Iranian women comes while both states are known to be notorious violators of human rights.
“The Iranian nation definitely deserves to receive a human rights award, because their human rights have been violated for many years by notorious human rights violators,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani tweeted.
He said the Franco-German prize for human rights comes as both Paris and Berlin have “a dark and shameful history of violation of human rights and the rights of the Iranian nation.”
Last Friday, Germany’s Ambassador to Iran Hans-Udo Muzel was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry over repeated meddlesome statements by German officials about Iran’s internal affairs.
During the meeting, the Iranian side said the German government adopts such a hypocritical stance on Iran’s legitimate move to counter terrorism and violence at a time when Berlin considers its security amid the recent developments in Germany as a red line.
The German ambassador was also told that it is highly regrettable that his country engages in selective and duplicitous behavior and supports subversive acts in other countries while opposing similar moves in Germany, the Foreign Ministry’s website reported.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry also pointed to Berlin’s dark record among Iranians due to its provision of chemical arms for the regime of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein which led to the martyrdom of

 thousands of innocent Iranians and left many more injured including hundreds of Iranian Kurdish girls.
It also reminded the German envoy of Berlin’s backing for illegal U.S. sanctions against the Iranian people. The German ambassador was told that his country must respond to the Iranian people over its actions and cannot preach on how to respect human rights.
Last month, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the French ambassador in Tehran over the adoption of an “interventionist” anti-Iran resolution at the French National Assembly and “unacceptable” remarks by the country’s top diplomat.
The ministry said in a statement that it conveyed to Nicolas Roche Iran’s “strong protest” against “baseless” accusations made by French officials while also condemning and rejecting such intervention as “unacceptable.”
The Islamic Republic of Iran regrets that France and some European countries are using the issue of human rights as a tool and treating it with double standards, the statement noted. 
“It is necessary for these countries to rectify their wrong approach which is in blatant violation of the principle of sovereignty in international law,” it added.