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Publish Date : 11 December 2022 - 21:46

Scholars Hold Islam-Hinduism Dialogues

TEHRAN (IP) - The third round of Islam-Hinduism dialogues titled “the contribution of religious coexistence in peace and development” was held in New Delhi with the presence of elites and scholars of Iran and India.
A delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran, led by the Vice President for International Affairs of the Office of the Leader, participated in the third round of dialogue between Islam and Hinduism.
Iranian and Indian elites and scholars emphasized the importance of dialogue between elders and followers of Islam and Hindu religions in this conference on Saturday, referring to the commonalities to achieve peace and progress in societies.
Iranian and Indian intellectuals and elites, referring to the positive results of interfaith dialogues, called for the continuance of the dialogue between Islam and Hinduism to achieve greater friendship between Muslims and Hindus.
Mohammad Haj Abul Qasemi, a member of the Assembly of Experts, and Mehdi Mostafavi, a member of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations attended the third session of the Islam-Hinduism Dialogue Conference in New Delhi.
Mostafavi referred to the importance of holding this general conference, saying that this dialogue can help in better understanding and solidarity of religions.
Mehdi Mostafavi pointed out that the Islamic Republic of Iran and India have historically had good relations and their cooperation will help the peace and security of the region as well as the development of bilateral relations.