News ID: 109990
Publish Date : 10 December 2022 - 21:48

Minister Pledges to Facilitate Agricultural Exports

TEHRAN – Iranian Minister of
Agriculture Seyyed Javad Sadatinejad said on Saturday that his ministry set tosupport and facilitate the export of agricultural products.
Speaking in 41st session of “Food Diplomacy Headquarters” held in Tehran with the participation of members of Iran Cooperatives Chamber, Sadatinejad said that his ministry has defined export incentives to exporters of agricultural products, reducing and removing export tariffs, paying export subsidies, etc. which are followed up seriously at the Ministry of Agriculture.
With the drastic measures taken in this regard, the country witnessed considerable growth in the export of agricultural products last year (ended March 20, 2022), he said, adding that exports of agricultural products to countries such as India, Pakistan, Iraq, China, Russia, etc. is continuing, adding that there is not any limits for exporting Iran’s agricultural products to the target markets.
Sadatinejad pointed to the role of trade unions in the field of export of agricultural products and stated that his ministry has made up its mind to handover all powers of regulating the domestic market and export of agricultural products to the union in line with spurring export activities in that sector.