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Publish Date : 09 December 2022 - 22:08

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The West, led by the US, has an innate satanic streak. This is evident by the tensions it stokes, the crises it creates, the sanctions it imposes, the riots it incites, the bloodshed it relishes, the wars it starts around the world, and so on.
This devilish tendency, especially over the past forty-plus years since the resounding triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran that ended a quarter century of US hegemony and tyranny of a foreign-installed 50-odd years long Pahlavi regime, has seen unending crises, terrorism, sanctions, and wars.
Thanks to the grassroots support of the law abiding Muslim masses, Iran has frustrated and defeated the blindly hostile West at every turn, offering martyrs to preserve its independence and unstoppable progress towards the pinnacles of progress.
Examples of its endurance include the calamities of the 8-year war imposed through Saddam of Baghdad’s repressive Bath minority regime, the 17,000 martyred by the US-backed MKO hypocrites, the innocent fatalities of the illegal economic sanctions, the victims of takfiri terrorism in Syria and Iraq (along with the nationals of the two countries), and casualties of the recent riots.
Other countries and peoples suffering from the West’s diabolism have been less fortunate. Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen despite their heroic resistance have not yet succeeded in fully extricating themselves from the US and its clients.
If Libya is a complete mess and Afghanistan pushed back into the medieval era, the Egypt and Sudan are reeling under military rule.
Democracy continues to be the elusive goal of Bahrain’s long suppressed majority, while the people of Arabia have to bear the burden of the cultish clannish Saudi regime.
In Latin America, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and other countries are the targets of American hooliganism, and North Korea presents another example of the West’s collective terrorism, which however, has failed to break the spirit of resistance of Pyongyang.
While most of Africa groans under the exploitation of the West, it is now 290 days the West’s instrument of warfare, NATO, has pushed the Slavic state of Ukraine into an unwarranted war with the mother of Slavic people, Russia, resulting in death and destruction on a massive scale.
In the words of the Iranian foreign minister, the “unrestrained” delivery of American and European weapons to Ukraine has further complicated the situation in that country.
Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in a phone call with his Finnish counterpart Pekka Haavisto on Thursday voiced the Islamic Republic’s opposition to the continuation of the NATO war in Ukraine against Russia.
Besides discussing Tehran-Helsinki bilateral relations, he also briefed his counterpart on the latest developments in Iran – which was scene of the riots triggered last September by the West through thugs, traitors, terrorists, and characterless women who indulged in all sorts of crimes against humanity, such as arson, plunder, murder, blasphemy, and sacrilege.
The Islamic Republic is grateful to the Almighty for having blessed Iran scores of millions of committed men and women, who will never allow the few agnostics and apostates supported by the West, to succeed.

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