News ID: 109949
Publish Date : 09 December 2022 - 22:07

Captivating Tabas Geopark Nominated for UNESCO Registration

TEHRAN (IFILM) – Tabas Geopark in the Iranian province of South Khorasan has been proposed for UNESCO Global Geopark endorsement.
At the 7th Session of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council underway from 7-9 December, the members proposed to forward the nomination of Tabas Geopark as UNESCO Global Geopark to the Executive Board of UNESCO.
Alireza Amrikazemi is one of the council members who told the local media about the recommendation.
The UNESCO Global Geoparks Council assesses applications for UNESCO Global Geoparks, deferred from previous Council sessions.
UNESCO has a clear and comprehensive definition of the geopark it invented: a range of clearly defined boundaries and a sufficient area to include some of the rarest and most prominent geological phenomena, with valuable natural, historical and cultural attractions.
The Tabas Geopark sits in a desert with a hot and arid environment. This geopark comprises the districts of Central, Dastgerdan, and Deyhuk. Because of its geological richness and diversity in terms of distinct geological phenomena, many scientists have dubbed Tabas Iran’s geological paradise.