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Publish Date : 07 December 2022 - 22:25
Says Americans Want a Destroyed Iran

President Raisi: Iranians Refused to Back Rioters

TEHRAN -- President Ehrabim Raisi on Wednesday said the U.S. does not want Iran to be strong and prosperous, and hence it spares no effort to wreak havoc and destruction on it.
Raisi made the remarks at Tehran University on the occasion of Student Day, which marks the murder of three students on December 7, 1953 under the U.S.-backed Pahlavi regime.
“Definitely, a strong Iran will not be desired by the Americans and they want a destroyed Iran like Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and other countries invaded by this country.
“But Iran is different from other countries and territories, with its dignified and zealous women and men who will never allow the realization of such conspiracies to the Americans,” he said.
The president touched on the efforts of the enemies to stop Iran’s oil and non-oil exports, stonewall its bid to establish effective communication with neighboring countries and hamper its foreign trade.
“Despite all the efforts and conspiracies, our oil exports have increased to the pre-sanctions level, our connections with Asian infrastructure have been established through the Shanghai [Cooperation Organization] and Eurasia agreements, the country’s foreign trade volume has increased by 48%, and hundreds of semi-closed or closed factories have returned to the production cycle or are becoming operational,” Raisi said.
The president touched on the recent riots in Iran, saying those behind them sought to stop Iran’s progress, close universities and disappointing the people.
“In this regard, the efforts of all of us officials and you, the country’s student community and university professors, should be on giving maximum hope to the people through engaging in jihad work and round-the-clock activities. If this happens, you can rest assured that the enemy will become more desperate day by day and the people will become more hopeful day by day.”
The president said the enemies are reeling from the blows they has received from Iran’s universities; hence, they sought to create chaos in the campuses and close classrooms, but the cultivated professors and students did not allow it.
Raisi referred to a visit he made last week to the Iranian province of Kurdistan, where cameras captured him being welcomed by a local shop owner in a marketplace with chocolates.
A video later widely circulated on social media in which the man is seen apologizing for greeting the president.
“Why do you lie and say that you are looking for life and freedom for the people of Iran?” Raisi said, addressing the rioters and their supporters abroad.
“You saw what they did with that poor man who offered us a chocolate! Who is the dictator? Today, the claim of those who shout life
and freedom, but have deprived the people of Iran of life with pressure and sanctions, is a ridiculous claim.”
“Today, the most tyrannical and dictatorial government in the world is the ruling body of the United States of America, and December 7 is the day to fight against the super dictator of the world, that is, America. God’s curse on them who founded Daesh and committed crimes like those at the holy shrine of Shah Cheragh” in Shiraz, he added.
Raisi went on to highlight that almost 35,000 people were maimed during the 20-year-long U.S. war in Afghanistan, expressing surprise that U.S. officials, irrespective of such a high figure, are still making bogus allegations about attempts to offer world nations hope and joy.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Raisi rejected claims that riots in Iran are a product of the country’s economic situation, stating that people refused to support the rioters after they became aware of the real intentions behind the unrest.
He said his administration will continue to listen to the grievances of protesters, including students, adding that he has been engaged in constant dialogue with students and the elite since taking office in August 2021.