News ID: 109897
Publish Date : 07 December 2022 - 22:22

CEO: Gas Production Accelerating in South Pars

TEHRAN -- The CEO of South Pars Gas Complex Ahmad Bahoush has announced that with the introduction of the cold snap in the country and the decrease in temperature and the consequent increase in consumption in the domestic and commercial sectors, the 13 refineries of South Pars have put the mission of maximum gas production on their agenda.
Bahoush said: “The employees of the South Pars Gas Complex are on full alert with all their power and equipment to produce the gas needed by the country, and they move with accurate and regular planning for the economy to run and ensure comfort and welfare of the people.”
The offshore South Pars joint gas field accounts for 75% of Iran’s gas production.
Referring to the strategic importance of the South Pars gas complex in the path of Iran’s development, he added this complex, with the daily production of more than 570 million cubic meters of gas in its refineries, can properly provide a clear horizon for the country’s economy, provide maximum gas during the cold days of the year.
The CEO of South Pars Gas Complex stated: “Since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year in March, more than 123 billion cubic meters of gas have been transferred to the national gas grid with the hard work and efforts of specialists and employees of South Pars Gas Complex.
Bahoush stated: “By taking significant and innovative measures and relying on local knowledge, we have been able to process more than 143 billion cubic meters of gas from the platforms since the beginning of this year.