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Publish Date : 05 December 2022 - 21:59

Islamic Iran, not Israel, Heir to Abraham’s Immortal Legacy 

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
 In Abu Dhabi there were no chants of “death to Israel” and no placards read “criminal you are not welcome” as was the case the previous day in Manama where Bahraini protestors braving persecution and possible death made it clear to the terrorist Isaac Herzog, yet the notorious ringleader of the child-killer Zionist regime continued to speak trash.
 If in Bahrain in the amorous embrace of Sheikh Hamad – who likes to call himself ‘king’ – Herzog shamelessly said he was on a mission of peace, in the UAE capital, while clasping Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed to his bosom, he was all praise for the so-called Abraham Accords signed by the unrepresentative Aal-e Khalifa and Aal-e Nahyan regimes with Israel.
 The two Persian Gulf statelets in open dalliance with Israel have turned traitors to the cause of liberation of Islam’s former qibla, the al-Aqsa Mosque, and the occupied holy city of Bayt al-Moqaddas.
 This is all part of an intricate plot to provide a foothold in the region for the Israel, especially in view of the fact that the positive influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran is now a beacon of liberation for nations striving to break free of the American hegemony.
 Therefore, the misnomer ‘Abraham’ for the abominable accord, which is nothing but a clumsy attempt to deceive the clannish and cultish Arab regimes –which like Israel have no roots in the region – regarding the great Patriarch of Monotheism, whom God Almighty has certified in the Holy Qur’an that he was neither a Jew nor a Christian but an Upright Muslim.
 For the moment, the Zionists and the Americans are being feted by Arabs fearful of the faith of the Muslim masses devoted to the Abrahamic cause of submission to none except the Almighty Creator, a life of virtue free of satanic seditions, and women of dignity following the footsteps of Sarah, Hajar, the Virgin Mary, and Fatema az-Zahra.
 It is now obvious why the Great Satan and its devilish minions are scared to death of the principled policies of the Islamic Republic and why they tried to ignite bloody riots in a few places in Iran through thugs, traitors, terrorists, and some characterless women in a vain bid to destabilize the system of government  based on Abraham’s ideals.
 The Zionists, the Americans, the Europeans, the Arab reactionaries, and the hypocrites who support them have miserably failed,
 This is among the reasons the false narrative Farsi TV channels are hyping hoarsely on an imaginary uprising and phantom protestors, while the criminal Herzog shameless says in Manama and Abu Dhabi that the salvation of the Arab regimes is lies in the seditious accord intends to distort the peerless personality of Prophet Abraham.